Before & After : Living Room Tour


GUYS! I am so freaking ecstatic to share this post! First, I must say how amazing my father-in-law is. He is always so eager to help us with any task that we have going on. But, I just want to brag on him for a bit for this particular project. A couple of years ago, I pinned this entertainment center because I love the simplicity and modern look of it. I showed it to him last year and he immediately offered to build us our own version. What?! Second, he is the best carpenter that I have ever met. You have to see the transformation of our living room from before to after. The change is drastic! He did a superb job, just like I knew he would. It turned out even better than the original photo I showed him. I am ever so grateful he took the time to build this for us. Our living room feels so much bigger and brighter. We find ourselves staring at it since he and my husband installed it two weeks ago. This thing is gorgeous!!!


Rainbow Skeleton Flamingos


Halloween is getting so close! I can’t believe it’s less than a week away already. This month seriously flew by! I really tried to knock this DIY out much sooner, but my hubby’s birthday was last week and we were out of town celebrating as a family. BUT, better late than never! I’m excited to share this one with you guys. Have you seen the black and white skeleton flamingos? I think they’re so cool, so I decided to add my own twist and make mine rainbow colored. Check it out!


Before & After : Patio Reveal


As summer is coming to an end, I wanted to share our patio details with you all before it gets too cold and my plant babies suffer! Since we moved in our home back in 2010, this patio has seen a lot of plants come and go. I tend to have quite the black thumb, but I may have learned a thing or two in the past few years. Now they’re thriving and looking gorgeous! I’ve updated a few things so I wanted to capture some shots for you guys and show how adding pops of color can really change a space. 


Another Year Around The Sun!


As an adult, birthdays don’t seem to be as big of a deal as they were when we were littles. Unless it’s a “decade” birthday, parties are fewer and further between. Leisure time with my husband and mini is my idea of celebrating turning 36! We headed downtown and spent the afternoon on foot, and it was perfect. Our city has a fun event that happens every second Saturday of each month called Hit The Bricks. It’s held in the historic part of town, where the neighborhoods are still red brick roads. These areas are absolutely beautiful in the spring and they’re blooming with azaleas and dogwoods. Next year will be the 60th annual “Azalea Trails & Spring Flower Trail”– a tour of the historic homes and gardens on these quaint tucked away streets. So gorgeous! I definitely want to check that out.


Rainbow Dipped Macrame Wall Hanging


I made a wall hanging! It’s a super simple one, but super rainbowy and colorful. I love browsing all of the different dream catchers and macrame hangings. They’re all so beautiful. I wish I had the kind of weaving talent to make those tiny intricate ones. Since I don’t, I created a much MUCH more simplified one. I found this embroidery hoop at a yard sale and I’ve been holding onto it trying to decide how to use it. It’s perfect for this project! My wedding bouquet was a mixture of hot pink, orange, and yellow shades of roses all bundled together. This mixture of hues has always sung to me! They’re such a cheery combo, I love them.

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USA Flag Dessert Toppers


While we get ready for those Memorial Day sales, BBQ’s, and parties, we remember & honor those who have died fighting for our Country. What better time to proudly display our Country’s American flag!  These freebie mini USA flags are a really easy way to add a little patriotic flair to your Memorial Day get together.