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Gold triangle clay necklace

Clay Triangle Trio Gold Necklace

I’ve wanted a necklace like this for a long time and have never come across anything exactly like it. I love how the triangles tier, and how each one is smaller than the next. I’m going to share with you how to easily create your own by using oven-bake clay. It’s so simple, y’all! From start to finish, you could complete it in one afternoon. Let’s get started making some jewelry!Gold clay necklace tutorialGold trio clay necklaceMaterials you need:

  • Gold Necklace Chain
  • Gold Spring Clasps
  • White Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay
  • Rolling Pin
  • Paintbrush
  • Gold Acrylic Paint
  • Needle Nose Jewelry Pliers
  • Thumbtacks

Diy clay necklace materialsKnead a small amount of the Sculpey Clay until it’s soft, and flatten it out about 1/4″. I used a fondant rolling pin with silicone guides so it’s evenly flat. Then, cut three triangular shapes of different sizes. Once they are equally proportioned, poke holes where the hooks will go using a thumbtack. Since the clay is so delicate during this process, carefully wiggle the thumbtack back and forth so it’s punctured all the way through the clay. Diy clay necklace tutorialNow we’re ready to bake — Preheat your oven (or toaster oven, ours heats up way faster!) at 275°F and bake your clay on a cookie sheet or small metal cake pan for 15 minutes. Be sure you don’t overbake the clay as it could crack. When they’re done, they won’t feel hard but they will harden as they cool.

After your shapes are completely cooled off, you can start painting them. The triangles are so small and can easily slide around while trying to paint them, it’s a bit frustrating. I found an easier way by poking the thumbtack in one of the holes and holding the back of it while painting each one. This way is a lot cleaner too, no messy paint on your hands.

You’ll probably need a few coats of paint to get a good even finish. Acrylic dries fast so you don’t have to wait a super long time in between each coat. Clay necklace tutorialWhile it’s drying, you can get your gold chain ready by adding the clasp and removing links to your preferred length using the needle nose pliers. You can see how I’ve attached my triangles with one loop in between each tier. The top triangle will have a loop on each side attaching the necklace.Diy gold triangle necklaceArtfuldays diy clay necklaceConnect the pieces all together and that’s it! Now you’ve got a stylish new necklace done in a snap.Diy trio necklace artfuldays Diy triangle clay necklace Clay necklace gold trianglesClay necklace diyI hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are inspired to make one for yourself. Happy crafting, friends!


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