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Customized Lazy Susan Server

I’ve been waiting to share this easy DIY with you guys! I made these customized lazy Susan servers as Christmas gifts for my family and they’re no longer a secret anymore! Yes, I know it’s March and Christmas was well over 3 months ago.. but celebrations and get togethers with our families were delayed, and finding time in our schedules were not always easy. I’m happy I was finally able to share my gifts with my loved ones, and now I can share the full tutorial with my viewers!

I ordered wooden rounds from because they were literally all sold out in my local stores around the holidays. But they should be easier to come by now! These measured 18″ and 1″ thick. To start, choose what color of stain you would like for your project. I used the same pre-stain wood conditioner and Golden Oak stain that I used to make my console table, but finished the top coat with this Minwax water based polyurethane instead of an oil based poly.

Pre-conditioning the wood first helps to avoid blotchiness from your stain. Pine is such a soft wood so I highly recommend this step before staining so you get a beautifully even coat. It can easily be applied with a cotton cloth, then let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe off the excess, and then apply your stain within two hours of using the wood conditioner. I love this Rust-Oleum Golden Oak stain. It’s such a beautiful and rich color. I used another cotton cloth to apply my stain, and I let it sit for about 5 minutes before wiping it off with a clean dry cloth.

Next, I applied my vinyl designs that I had created using my Cricut Explore Air. I did two layers so I could add their last names in gold. If you would like further in depth instructions on how to make them, check out this post I did a few years back.

Once your vinyl designs are transferred and layered onto your rounds, you want to seal the top using the water based polyurethane. This one in particular says it’s a one coat poly, but I actually repeated this process 3 – 4 times because I wanted a thick smooth layer.

I used Rust-Oleum Staining Pads to apply the poly like I did with my console table instead of a brush because I didn’t want any visible brush strokes. The pads work really well and it coats evenly! Apply a nice thick coat wiping along the wood grain so it’s uniform. After about two hours of drying, you can repeat this process if you would like multiple coats. You’ll want to allow at least 24 hours of dry time before handling it.

Next, add the hardware to the backs of them. You can pick up one of these kits at any hardware store. I found mine at Lowes, but I wasn’t crazy about the super sharp corners. There are kits with rounded edges which would be a much better option! I wish I had found some, but these did what they needed to do and work great.

Be sure to center your hardware so it spins evenly. You don’t want a wobbly server! An easy way to find the middle is to trace the entire round onto a large piece of packing paper, wrapping paper, or whatever you have on hand that’s large enough. Fold it in half, then in half again like I have above. Unfold it and lay it out flat on the back and puncture the paper at the middle point with a pencil. Mark a small dot right in the center of your round and then place your hardware evenly around it. Mark the holes on the bottom disk where your screws will go like I did in the left photo just in case it slips while you’re screwing them in. My kit didn’t come with screws, so I picked up a a few 3/4 flat phillips screws and they fit perfectly.

I then placed some self adhesive rubber bumpers on each corner of the top disk so it will stay in place while spinning when using your server. And that’s it, you’re all done!

Customized lazy Susans make great gifts! They’re super easy to create. You can customize them in so many ways, and they will last for years to come. My families and were so happy to receive them, which made my heart even happier!


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