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Our second visit to the Hope Outdoor Gallery did not disappoint! My bestie and I were in need of an updated photo sesh together and this place was the perfect backdrop. I’m obsessed with the endless walls of colorful street art. We got to explore the top section, unlike my first visit there because it was too rainy & muddy. Check out my last post to see how much it’s changed. There is always always something new and cool to discover here!Hope outdoor gallery artBestie love! Jenna and I had too much fun posing throughout the park. My hubby is such a trouper behind the camera. Austin hope gallery Austin hope wall art Austin hope street artThis wall was one of my favorites. I’m always amazed how artists can create the shading and flawless blending of multiple colors using nothing but spray paint. I totally need that skill. Austin hope gallery skull wall Austin hope gallery skullLOVE. An iconic “picture must” at the HOPE Gallery. Since my last visit, the “E” lost it’s top section. We didn’t pass up the opportunity to pose for a few photos though!   Hope outdoor gallery love wall Austin texas hope galleryLivi took advantage of modeling a little as well, haha. I see a lot of this in our future. She just can’t resist a good wall. Like her blogger mom, gotta snap those Instagram worthy shots! Austin graffiti hope wallFinally made it to the top, after a bit of a hike up the hill. The views here are amazing. You can see the Austin skyline for days. Hope outdoor gallery castle Austin hope gallery flowers Hope gallery austin texas Graffiti hope gallery wallThis mural was another fave. The vivid colors make an absolute dreamiest combo. Hope wall street art Hope outdoor gallery graffitiI couldn’t resist posting this one of Livi. She was so happy and giggly. She loved it up here like she was on top of the world. No doubt she had a blast! Austin texas hope wall Hope outdoor gallery graffiti art Austin texas hope outdoor galleryAnother successful visit to the Hope Outdoor Gallery! I know this won’t be my last visit. If you’re in the Austin area, check it out. You won’t be mad that you did! Hope outdoor galleryStay tuned for my next post – a colorful Christmas DIY that will definitely put you in the holiday spirit!

Thanks always for reading along. You guys are the reason I continue to blog on! ♥

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  1. Sophie Sierra

    Wow, the HOPE outdoor gallery is the most mesmeric dreamiest place! I’m utterly entranced by all the colours, vibes and magic happening here. You bestie babes are so darn cute, looking like absolute blissful angels amongst all the funktastic feels. I love the colours of the skull and that ladybird is so beaut. Livi is the cutest kitty too, she’s definitely got your stunning spirit beautiful! <3

    I'm so happy you got to explore the top section this time, and the views are utterly entrancing. Looking so stunning in your outfits badass babes, I'm obsessed 😍 So happy you got to take a trip there sweet Jalee 😀

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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