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How To Make The Perfect Pompom Every Time

Want to make the perfect pompom every single time with only three items? I’ll show you exactly how with easy to follow-along steps that eventually you’ll be able to do these with your eyes closed. Well, not quite because you’ll be using scissors, but almost! This tutorial is so simple, takes only minutes to do, and you have a perfect little pompom as a result. All you need is yarn, cardboard, and very sharp scissors. Check out how you can make your own pompoms in a cinch!

Pompoms are so versatile and can be used for an unlimited amount of crafts and DIYs. They come in all shapes and sizes and a never ending amount of colors. I’ve been working on giving our master bedroom a little refresh makeover and have had these baskets laying around that I wanted to include with my decor. I felt like they needed something extra to make them stand out, and pompoms were the answer. Let’s get into it!

Step 1: Get some cardboard, and cut them into two equal size circles. You can use a cup, bowl, or something smaller as a guide to trace onto the cardboard. This will be the size of your pompom. Cut key-whole like pieces out at the bottom so your yarn can easily wrap around them.

Step 2: While holding the cardboard pieces together back to back, start wrapping your yarn around the entire shape starting at one end to the other. During this step, you don’t want to wrap the yarn too tight or too loose, find a happy medium. The more yarn you wrap, the fluffier your pompom will be so make it thick and puffy! If you want this process to go a little faster, double wrap it with two strands of yarn instead to cut down the time.

Step 3: Once it’s nice and full, you’ll need your sharp scissors. You do not want dull scissors here, you’ll have a very difficult time cutting away your yarn and that can be super frustrating. If they’re not sharp, you can take a piece of folded foil and cut into it a few times to sharpen them a bit. Take your scissors and insert them in between the cardboard pieces to cut the yarn all the way around your circle. Once it’s free, gently lay it on it’s side. You don’t want all the pieces falling out of place.

Step 4: With a separate string of yarn about 6 inches long, wrap it around in between your cardboard pieces at the center and tie a knot nice and tight to secure the middle of your pompom. Go ahead and tie a double knot just to be sure it’s not going anywhere. The tighter the better. We’re almost done!

Step 5: Next, lay your cardboard pieces over the top and bottom of your pompom using it as a guide to cut any longer strands. This makes it a uniform shaped puff ball. Do this again on each side of the pompom until it’s symmetrical.

Now you’ve got perfect little pompoms! How easy was that?

If you want to attach yours to a basket as well, you can use either floral wire or an ornament hook like I have here. I bent mine straight and inserted it under the string that I tied my knot with. Twist it a little at the base of your pompom so it’s secure, then stick the wire through your basket. Twist it again inside the basket to keep it in place.

And you’ve got pompom accents!

I really love the pompom trend. They’re a super quick solution to adding a soft element to your accessories.

Try making some of your own and play around with different ways to use them! These would be so cute made into a party banner.

Thanks for reading along — happy crafting!


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