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Ombre planter and stand

Ombre Planter & Plant Stand

My snake plant has really been thriving this past year, which makes me so happy. I’ve always had sort of a “black thumb” when it comes to plants, and could never really keep them alive for too long. As of now, I have 13 plants on my patio that are growing more and more. Hopefully that means I’m getting better at keeping them alive, or they’re just way too easy to take care of. Either way, I ain’t complaining! But as the weather is changing and the temperatures are dropping, I can’t help but worry a little if they’ll continue to thrive. Last year, I kept them all in my garage and that seemed to sustain them through the winter. This year, I’ve decided to bring a few indoors so I can still gawk at them from time to time. I jazzed up a tomato stand and planter to display my snake plant in my dining room, and I’m digging how it turned out!
Tomato cage ombre planter
For this DIY, you’ll need a tomato cage with the ends clipped. We used my Black & Decker Jigsaw to saw them off and flipped it upside down for a wider and stable base. I chose to go with a plastic planter so it wouldn’t be top heavy verses a ceramic one.

I sprayed the tomato cage Satin white, and went with hot pink for the planter which I think is a great contrast. And you know.. PINK. After the paint dried and it was all put together, I thought it wasn’t dramatic enough. Going ombre seemed like the obvious choice here!
Diy planter standI purchased this lighter Candy Pink gloss spray a few months back because I loved the color so much. I’m not a stranger to impulse shopping. Ask my hubby! Haha
Ombre planter diyAnyway, pink on pink is a win win so.. YAY! To get the ombre effect, I turned the planter upside down over a cardboard box and evenly sprayed all around the opening of the pot covering the hot pink underneath. After letting that dry, I sprayed about a 1/3 of the way higher up the pot. To get a lighter coat with that fading look, hold the can a little further away. I did this while circling the box and quickly spraying back and forth a few times until it was even. I was a little nervous during this process. It’s the first time I’ve ever “ombred” anything with spray paint. It wasn’t nearly as tricky as I anticipated though. I’m certain anyone can do it if I can!Diy ombre planter standIsn’t it so pinkalicious like this dragon fruit pot I’ve painted?? Loving this new addition to stylin’ my plant babies. It’s a little ridiculous how addicted I am to pots and plants. I love browsing the gardening center of any store. My husband has gotten used to me bringing home new random plants, but I can’t help myself. I need more!
Ombre planter standHere it is inside my dining room, in all it’s glory. It’s super stable, unlike some other DIY comments I’ve seen using tomato cages as plant stands. The plastic really helps make a difference compared to heavier material. Tomatoe cage stand ombre planterThe area rug under our dining table has a thick strip of pink in the center of it, and my new planter really ties them together. Now I’m searching for the perfect alpaca print to hang in the corner above it. Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you come across any you wanna throw my way! Diy tomato cage ombre planter

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  1. Sophie Sierra

    I’m ombre obsessed with your dreamiest DIY gorgeous girl! Your snake plant is truly stunning, it really is thriving so fabulously for sure. I bet all your plants look like total paradise thanks to your gorgeous self 😍 Your tomato stand looks truly stunning, I’m so in love with the whole hot pink blissful ombre vibe and the dreamy Imagine Me & Hue stand, sooo darn CUTE 💖 The candy pink vibe is all the candylicious and dreamlicious anyone could wish for and I’m total agreement that pink on pink is always a win hehe. It sure is the definition of pinkalicious girlie, you got that right! The most stunning scene I’ve ever seen beautiful Jalee 🌈

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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