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Rainbow dipped macrame wall hanging

Rainbow Dipped Macrame Wall Hanging

I made a wall hanging! It’s a super simple one, but super rainbowy and colorful. I love browsing all of the different dream catchers and macrame hangings. They’re all so beautiful. I wish I had the kind of weaving talent to make those tiny intricate ones. Since I don’t, I created a much MUCH more simplified one. I found this embroidery hoop at a yard sale and I’ve been holding onto it trying to decide how to use it. It’s perfect for this project! My wedding bouquet was a mixture of hot pink, orange, and yellow shades of roses all bundled together. This mixture of hues has always sung to me! They’re such a cheery combo, I love them.Rainbow dipped macrame artfuldaysArtfuldays rainbow macrame diyItems you need:

  • White Yarn
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Scissors
  • 3 Rit Dyes of your choice

First, cut your yarn into 54 pieces, each measuring 24″. I found the fastest way is to measure your first 24″ piece, then overlap your yarn back and forth over and over 54 times and cut the rounded ends. Separate your “sets” into three strings per set. You’ll end up with 6 sets per colors (18 total).

Prepare a work space with old rags or paper towels, dye can be messy! I didn’t feel like gloves were necessary for this project because you’re not going to get your hands very dirty anyway. And, I didn’t want the rubber breaking up my yarn. A good washing after is fine!

To start dying each set, pour a small amount of dye in a paper bowl.Artfuldays diy rainbow dream catcherAdd water to fill about half of the bowl.Srtfuldays dream catcher diyGently mix it well! Artfuldays diy macrame rainbowDip each set of strings into the dye leaving about 4″ white on the top. Do this long enough to fully coat all of the strings. Then pull the dyed portion halfway out to sit, while the bottom half soaks in the dye for a few minutes, depending on how rich of a hue you want. Artfuldays rainbow macrame craftOnce they’re “ombréd” to your liking, rinse each set in the sink, pat off the excess water, and lay them flat to dry completely. My cat, Aja was all about this process! If you have any curious kitties, you might want to find a safe place for these to dry. /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\Artfuldays diy macrame craftTo loop your sets onto your embroidery hoop, hold them like pictured in step 1. Pull the bottom strings through the loop like step 2. Pull tight and secure (step 3), and continue (step 4) until you’re all done!Artfuldays diy macrame tutorialI love it so far! It needs a little trimming though, huh?Artfuldays rainbow dream catcher macrameArtfuldays rainbow dipped macrameEek, so cuuute!Rainbow macrame craft artfuldaysDipped dyed rainbow macrame artfuldays Artfuldays rainbow dipped dream catcherLivi said she was taking it for her room, haha. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and it’s so simple to make!


  1. Dearlives

    Love it. So cute. Awesome macrame DIY tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much!!

  2. Dearlives

    Totally impressed. This is the cutest wall hanging DIY project I have ever seen.

    1. I appreciate the feedback! Thank you!!

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