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Spring Mason Jar Snow Globes - Artful Days
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Spring Mason Jar Snow Globes

Heeey, peeps! I can’t wait to share the details for this DIY with you guys. Ball Canning reached out to me to be part of a creator collab with Michael’s craft store! I’ve teamed up with both of them to create these spring themed “snow globes”. It’s a bright and cheery twist to the bottle brush tree snow globes collecting all over Pinterest. Check out this fresh idea and create something really special this spring season!

Artfuldays ball diy canning snow globes

Michael’s is your one stop shop for all of your crafting needs! I loved browsing each aisle to gather what I wanted for this project. I’ve linked the items below that I used to complete my spring-inspired creations:

Ball Canning has made an exact replica of their 100-year-old mason jar design for their Anniversary Edition. They’re available only at Michael’s so go grab some of your own! I love the shape of them. They really are the “perfect mason” jar like stated right there on the front. And the half pints are the cutest, right? I knew right away that they would make the most adorable tiny snow globes. My little one was totally on board; she couldn’t wait to shake them!

Ball canning mason jar craft

I found the sweetest mini figurines at Michael’s from Tiny Treasures. They’re currently 50% off! They fit so perfect and snug into the jars without crowding them. I chose 2 to 3 per jar to group together and make an Eastery/Spring setting.

Michaels tiny treasures snow globe diy

Let’s get started!

First, I wanted to make sure my figurines were placed exactly where they need to be once the lid is screwed on. They will be glued to the inside of the lid, and you will want them to be visible from the back or sides of the jar so they’re not covered by the Ball logo. Screw your lid on tight, then mark the jar at the top and bottom like I did below. I placed a piece of thin washi tape across the lid, then small pieces on the sides to remind me of the placement where my figures will go.

Ball mason snow globe tutorial

Since the lid is a bit deep, you want to elevate your figures so they can clearly be seen through your jar and not half way hidden at the bottom. I thought rocks would be a great way to do that! They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors so choose which works best for your project. Michael’s has a great selection! You can find pebbles here, medium rocks here, and flat slate rocks here. I had white flat rocks already in our outdoor rock bed so I snagged a few of those. They worked great for my snow globes. I cut round pieces of styrofoam 2 1/8″ wide to be glued to the base of the lid so the rocks can sit on top of those.

Snow globe diy tutorial

For my quart size jars, I decided against adding water and chose to make them waterless “snow globes”. The trees I found didn’t seem very waterproof, and I worried they would eventually fall apart. Instead, I buried my figure bases into the pebbles a little at the bottom of the jar. It turned out super cute! I love how the hot pink pebbles add just enough vibrancy to get that extra pop of color. I didn’t need to glue anything down on these since the pebbles are so easy to shift around. You can create endless themes this way, and still be able to reuse your mason jars!

Waterless spring snow globe mason jar

For the pint size snow globes, start by gluing the styrofoam to the lid. E6000 QuickHold glue worked very well for these. And it’s waterproof! This adhesive has sort of a rubber cement tacky texture, which is great because it gives you time to arrange your items before permanently sticking them down right away. The directions say it will hold in 2-3 minutes, but allow 2-6 hours for a full cure.

Ball mason jar snow globe diy

After a few minutes, I went ahead and glued my rocks down too, then my figurines. How sweet are they??

I let these little cuties dry overnight, and they were ready for the next step in the morning.

Ball mason snow globe tutorial diy

Time to turn these adorable babies into snow globes!

I added glitter to the bottom of my jars first. Not too much because it can cloud your snow globe, but enough to make them visible when shaken. Next, I poured in my distilled water almost to the rim of the jar. It’s important to use distilled water as it’s purified and will keep bacteria from growing in your snow globe like it would if you use tap or filtered water.

Mason jar snow globe tutorial

Then add about a teaspoon of glycerin when using these pint sized jars. I eyeballed the amount, but just be sure you don’t over do it or your water could turn goopy.

Ball canning snow globe tutorial

Once all the ingredients are added to your jar, line the rim of your jar with your QuickHold adhesive. These jars don’t have a waterproof seal, so this helps keep it from leaking.

Now you can place on your decorated lids! You want the water to overflow a bit so you’re not left with too much empty space. Do this over the sink, or you’ll have a glittery mess!

Make sure to screw the lids on tight quick enough for the glue to hold. Wait a few minutes and they’re ready to be shaken!

Artfuldays spring snow globe ball canning

Ahh, they’re so cute and colorful! My daughter was so excited to see the finished product. She said, “Wow mom, you’re a genius!” Haha.. I think they’re a win! These spring time snow globes are really easy to create, and would make perfect gifts as well. I think we might make these more often and start a collection of them for our mantel.

Ball canning diy snow globes artfuldays

Thank you, Ball Canning and Michael’s for including me in this collaboration! I had so much fun creating these for you. Ball Mason jars absolutely make the perfect crafting canvas for endless DIYs and projects. I hope I’ve inspired you guys to get creative this spring!

Diy ball canning crafts artfuldays


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