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Another Year Around The Sun!

As an adult, birthdays don’t seem to be as big of a deal as they were when we were littles. Unless it’s a “decade” birthday, parties are fewer and further between. Leisure time with my husband and mini is my idea of celebrating turning 36! We headed downtown and spent the afternoon on foot, and it was perfect. Our city has a fun event that happens every second Saturday of each month called Hit The Bricks. It’s held in the historic part of town, where the neighborhoods are still red brick roads. These areas are absolutely beautiful in the spring and they’re blooming with azaleas and dogwoods. Next year will be the 60th annual “Azalea Trails & Spring Flower Trail”– a tour of the historic homes and gardens on these quaint tucked away streets. So gorgeous! I definitely want to check that out.

I’ve been “eyeing” this “Eyes of Tyler” mural ever since it was painted sometime last year. I love that the pupils are roses. Interesting fact in case you didn’t know, Tyler is called the Rose Capital of America and is known for it’s botanical Rose Garden. Another fun fact, my husband and I got married there under a sweet little gazebo surrounded by roses. I just love this wall! I’m so glad we finally took the time to stop and see it up close. BDAY-01Next stop, foood! Our local food trucks gathered around the square so we ate pretty damn good at the start of our day. We grabbed Curbside Taco first, and it was amazing!! I love a good grilled cheese, so Say Cheese was calling my name too.. yum! And of course, I couldn’t leave without a Tiger’s Blood snow cone from Kona Ice. My absolute fave! BDAY-02I spotted a local photographer doing his thing as we were chowing down on some tacos. He was taking photos of the food flatlay style standing over them as he snapped the perfect shot. He must have saw me struggling to get a selfie of all of us and walked over to ask if he could take our picture. He emailed this one to me later that evening! I love it so much. Check out my girl and I twinning! ♥♥ Since this day, we have used him for our Christmas photos and he did such a superb job, we have hired him to shoot Livi’s birthday photos coming up in March as well!BDAY-03After filling our tummies, we walked a few blocks down to the Goodman LeGrand Museum. On our way there, we stopped to take a few more photos to remember the day. BDAY-04 BDAY-06 BDAY-09 BDAY-10Here is it! A historic landmark from the Civil-war era. It was remodeled in 1926 with Revival-style architecture and now it’s being showcased as a museum. All of the furniture and decor in it is original from the Goodman family. You can literally smell the history as soon as you walk in. I love that smell! It reminds me of Jefferson, a little historic town that is near and dear to my heart.

This was our first time visiting the Goodman LeGrand Museum. I’ve always wanted to see inside and it’s so stunning!BDAY-19 BDAY-15 BDAY-16 BDAY-17-1 BDAY-18The grounds are so beautiful with massive towering shade trees. This old home makes the perfect setting for photographers. So many great photo ops here!BDAY-14 BDAY-19-1After ooo-ing and awe-ing, we made our way back up to the square for some coffee and air conditioning! BDAY-20 BDAY-08 BDAY-21

(Photo Credit: The Foundry Coffee House)

The Foundry Coffee House hit the spot! Our barista that took our order suggested a vanilla and lavender iced coffee and it was delicious! We bought a cute little box of macarons that Livi and I shared. Next stop, the party shop for some colorful balloons! My husband was so sweet to capture numerous photos of me (and Livi) all over downtown as we searched for fun backdrops. BDAY-23-1 BDAY-24 BDAY-00 BDAY-26-2 BDAY-27 BDAY-29 BDAY-30-1 BDAY-30-2All in all, this birthday was a great one! I wasn’t super thrilled to turn a year older, as I feel like I’m approaching 40 fast. But I’m trying to embrace the last few years in my thirties and soak up life as much as possible.

The best compliment I received this month in a conversation with a sweet young babe — She asked, “How old are you?” I replied I’m turning 36 soon and she said, “No way! You look like you’re my age!” When I asked her how old she was, she said “22!” UHH, THANK YOU! Day completely made, I’ll take it!

So, here’s to more trips around the sun!



  1. Sophie Sierra

    The most beautiful birthday queen of them all stunning superstar! It’s so celebratory and fun reading all about your gorgeous birthday – another year around the sun – I LOVE that term! It definitely makes a birthday sound all the more magical and it gives it a different perspective, too darn cute 😀

    You are rocking these balloons like no other dream lover! So over the moon to hear you enjoyed your special day downtown, the photo of you and your gorgeous family is too sweet for words! So nice of that guy to email you the photo, it’s such a perfect shot! Hit The Bricks sounds mega amazing, as does the flower trail – what a dream! So happy you got to see the Eyes Of Tyler mural, especially as it has so much sentimental value attached.

    The museum is magnificent as is the gorgeous grounds. And your husband is such a diamond, bless him for capturing you and Livi looking like balloon babetown against the most colourful and fun-loving backdrops, so super cute angel! I deffo agree with that lovely babe – you don’t look a day over 22 or even 21 and that’s a promise! Cheers to you my love, may the celebratory vibes continue and the sun shine so hard for you! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thanks so much, sweet babe!! You are so awesome, I can always count on you to put a huge smile on my face!

      We had such an amazing day together, I’m so happy that we were able to get our photo captured the way we did. It was awesome finally seeing and doing those little things that I’ve always wanted to experience!

      He was so awesome to do that for us, we were feeling like local models, lol!! I was giving no cares that day trotting around with my balloons. The best day ever!! Your comments absolutely make my day, thank you so so much, gorgeous!! Love youuuu SOOOO! XOXOXO

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