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Belated Mother’s Day Weekend in Jefferson, Texas

We had a getaway to my favorite little haunted town for a belated Mother’s Day this past weekend! We didn’t get to do a lot on the “actual” day this year because Chris had been working mega overtime hours launching a new project. He made it up to me though! We used to visit Jefferson, Texas together before becoming parents and it’s been way too long since our last trip. I was so excited to show Olivia all of the things that we love about it.Jefferson is a sweet historical town that was established in 1841. It’s nestled in East Texas near the beautiful Caddo Lake and home of the Big Cypress Bayou. There is a ton of history here! Jefferson was one of the largest ports in Texas during the mid to late 1800’s. Now with only around 2,000 residence, this “ghost” town is ever so charming with it’s stunning plantation style homes, over-sized shade trees, luscious landscapes, and New Orleans vibes.

It hosts a number of yearly festivals and events like Mardi Gras, Candlelight Tour of Homes, ghost tours and train rides, motor cross, car shows, and even Bigfoot conferences. There are so many cool things to do here! We stayed in a gorgeous bed & breakfast for the first time, and we really enjoyed the experience. It definitely made us want to seek them out more in the future! Our hosts Bill and Angie at¬†The Captain’s Castle¬†were so welcoming and down to earth. They cooked us an amazing breakfast that I’m still craving!Jefferson texas artfuldays 02 Jefferson texas artfuldays 03After checking into the Sarah room at our B&B, we headed downtown for lunch and drinks at Sammy’s Primetime Tavern. Their house shrimp soup is so creamy and delicious!Jefferson texas artfuldays 04If you visit Jefferson, you cannot leave without visiting the General Store! They have ALL THE CANDY, homemade goodies, ice cream, gifts, souvenirs, and SO much more.¬† It’s very nostalgic shopping here. You can find your favorite candies from your childhood and vintage toys or games you used to play with. I bought a twirling baton like the one I had when I was a twirler waaay back in the day! #scoreJefferson texas artfuldays 05Jefferson texas artfuldays 06 Jefferson texas artfuldays 07 Jefferson texas artfuldays 08Auntie Skinner’s is our favorite downtown joint with tasty appetizers, live music, and drinks flowing. While we enjoyed coming here years ago, we skipped it this weekend with Livi in tow. It’s a smoking allowed kind of environment so definitely not “kid friendly” for this trip. It’s a fun place to hang otherwise!Jefferson texas artfuldays 09The Jefferson Hotel¬†is usually my favorite place to stay when we visit. It’s known for it’s haunted stories and ghostly tales, which I’m really fascinated and intrigued by. Chris isn’t much of a believer in the paranormal but I love it. Livi seems to be following in my footsteps as she’s had an interest in ghosts since she was two. She was just as excited as I was when we decided to walk the ghost tour that evening!Jefferson texas artfuldays 10 Jefferson texas artfuldays 20The Excelsior House is another “haunted” hotel but they don’t like to advertise it as one.¬†Steven Spielberg stayed here years ago in the Jay Gould room. He was reported to have strange things occur, like tossing his briefcase in a rocking chair and claiming it threw it back at him. He says he felt uneasy and like he was being followed during his rather short stay. He decided to leave in the middle of the night after waking up to see a ghostly figure of a little boy asking him if he’s ready for breakfast. Super creepy!! Google has some fun stories to share about these locations if you’re into that kind of thing.Jefferson texas artfuldays 11 Jefferson texas artfuldays 12It was a perfect day for a carriage ride! The beautiful Gus trotted us around the close by neighborhoods. The scenery in Jefferson is so picturesque. Check out the Lone Star Carriage Company for their schedules. They even have a Cinderella style carriage for their “romantic” package. One day!¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 13 Jefferson texas artfuldays 14 Jefferson texas artfuldays 15 Jefferson texas artfuldays 16 Jefferson texas artfuldays 17 Jefferson texas artfuldays 18Before the ghost walk, we killed some time taking photos and seeing all the touristy things to see. Those murals are my fave!¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 19 Jefferson texas artfuldays 21I’ve always wanted to walk this ghost tour and we finally did it! Our tour guide was great and captivating. Each piece of history she shared was so engaging, it draws you in to want to hear more! The full walk normally lasts about two hours but ours was closer to three. Livi didn’t seem to mind, she was pretty well behaved considering the length of time it took. She was so interested though and really enjoyed it. I took a few shots of some areas that have reported paranormal activity.¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 22 Jefferson texas artfuldays 23 Jefferson texas artfuldays 24Our last stop of the tour was the Old Mill Antiques shop which is well known for ghostly encounters. We walked in after closing time and weaved in and around the aisles of shelves and racks in the dark using our phones as flashlights. There was definite excitement though when this little white rocking chair started rocking on it’s own! All of the air conditioners, fans and vents were not on during our walk through, the air was very still and musty. Minus a cold spot or two. It all totally added to the spooky vibe of the evening. Oh, I may have¬†tripped at some point after that and loudly shouted a four letter word starting with “sh” startling the entire group… D: Then turning around to the couple behind me to whisper, “Sorry, watch your step there”! If you know me, I’m kind of a huge klutz and this is classic Jalee behavior. Absolutely a fun evening though! Jefferson texas artfuldays 25When the tour ended, we loaded up in the car to get food and then headed back to the B&B for some sleep. I was looking forward to breakfast the next morning!¬† ¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 26After a restful night in our cozy bed, we woke up to an awesome home cooked breakfast in the garden view dining hall. Look at all of this natural lighting! Livi snapped the last two photos here while we filled our tummies and visited with our hosts. Future photographer in the making, I think!¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 27 Jefferson texas artfuldays 30Jefferson texas artfuldays 29I need to brag about this breakfast for a minute! Angie and Bill made the BEST cheese frittata with grilled potatoes, fresh fruit, croissants with cinnamon butter, and a white grape orange juice. Chris and I ate every single bite, it was amazing and perfectly filling. They are such great hosts, we really liked chatting and getting to know them more. We will absolutely be coming back here!¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 28There are two little bobtail kitty cats running around, Bacon and Biscuit. Aww, like “B&B”!

=^_^= + =^_^=Jefferson texas artfuldays 31

This is the main dining area inside the home from the hall where you come in at. On the opposite side is the living room with built in bookshelves along one wall. I adore the antebellum style of this whole town!Jefferson texas artfuldays 32We stayed in the Sarah room that’s located near the front of the house behind glass pane¬†French doors. The bed was super comfortable! We all snuggled up and slept well.¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 33 Jefferson texas artfuldays 34 Jefferson texas artfuldays 35I love this damask wallpaper in our bathroom. So pretty!Jefferson texas artfuldays 36Thank you Bill and Angie for a wonderful stay!¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 37After checking out of the B&B, we browsed a few more shops before heading home. Each store is so unique! This funky one was called Made in the Shade. Definitely one of my favorites!Jefferson texas artfuldays 38We went back to Old Mill Antiques to check out the little rocker that moved on it’s own. Not much “activity” to see in the daytime but we went back to get a closer look anyway, haha.¬†Jefferson texas artfuldays 39 Jefferson texas artfuldays 40One last stop at the General Store before driving home because you can never have enough taffy, am I right?Jefferson texas artfuldays 41Jefferson texas artfuldays 42Till next time, Jefferson, Texas!!

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