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Bold brave you canvas

Bold Brave YOU Canvas Projects

I finished a few acrylic paintings that I’ve been working on for my sister Jessica’s classroom, and I wanted to share them with you all! She loves turquoise and coral so I created some inspirational canvases for her to hang around her room. “Go your own way” was a quote she requested specifically and I can’t tell you how many times Fleetwood Mac was playing in my head from start to finish. Haha, you can thank me later if this song randomly pops in your head throughout the day! Come see how they turned out:

Artist tools diy

I like to sketch my ideas first after getting all of my supplies together.  I made the chevron stencil to use as a guide because no one has time for free handing straight lines! Am I right?? Here’s what I had in mind for these projects:

Artist sketch ideas Artist sketches diy

I had these colors to work with to get the perfect shades of turquoise and coral. I love the way they look together! After mixing until I got the shades I wanted, I painted the entire canvas their background colors. Once I was finished with that step and they were completely dry (multiple coats necessary!), I used a pencil to lightly draw my designs and lettering.

Acrylic paints Acrylic paints diy

Using gold and white paint pens, I traced over the penciling. I went over them a few times to get that bold finish. The pens dry really fast so this sort of repetitive process didn’t take that much extra time to do. The white paint took a few more coats though since it’s lighter.

Brave bold you

“Go your own way” — the finished product of the bigger canvas. I free handed the lettering but I had to break out my ruler to draw the arrows.  I measured each one so they were proportioned on both sides. The perfectionist in me wouldn’t have it any other way, unfortunately.

Go your own way artGo your own way canvas diy

“Bold Brave You” — I love how these turned out! I filled in the arrow heads to match the bigger painting. A few added touches from before and they’re all done!

Bold brave you artBold brave you canvases

As a completed set:

Arrows canvas art

Here’s how Jessica decided to display them in her classroom. They look great against her gray wall. So glad she loves them, it makes me ecstatic!!

Classroom art


    1. So happy I could create them for you! XOXO

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