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Artfuldays bt21 balloon garland diy

BT21 Party Balloon Garland

I finally get to share some of my latest party decor with this balloon garland DIY! I’ve seen these garlands pop up lately on the internet, and I couldn’t wait to create my own. It’s WAY easier than it looks, and doesn’t take NEAR as much time as you would think.

I seriously want to do them for every party now. They make such a huge impact when your guests see them and they look uh-mazing.  I received a lot of sweet compliments from this project and people would ask me, “Wow, did you make that?” Mmmaaaaybe! If you love to wow your party people, keep reading and I’ll guide you guys through this simple step-by-step process to help you create your own balloon garland for your next shindig!

Here’s what you need to get started:

Artfuldays balloon tutorial

So… about this time one year ago, my family of 3 fell for K-pop. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s a genre of pop music that originates from South Korea. We became instant super fans of BTS and as the term goes, we “fell down the rabbit hole” of K-pop and haven’t looked back since. If you’re a K-pop fan as well, check out my inspired wall art in my shop here & here!

Every year, my daughter chooses a birthday theme for her party. Naturally, she chose BT21. BT21 is a collaboration with BTS and Line Friends Creators. They are cute little animated characters that each BTS member has sketched and branded themselves.

With this theme in mind, I chose a variety of colors for my balloons to match the characters and came up with this palette for Livi’s party:

Brown for “Shooky”, purple for “Mang”, yellow for “Chimmy”, pink for “Cooky”, turquoise for “Koya”, red for “Tata”, and white for “RJ”.

Bt21 party balloons artfuldays

First, use that electric balloon pump and blow up all of your balloons. Do not blow these up yourself. You might pass out after a few balloons, and ya know, there are like over a hundred. This little machine is a life saver! Blow them up in various sizes ranging from large, medium, to small so you get a sort of layered look once the garlands are put together.

Our living room was covered with balloons! We may have popped a few on accident (oops), but I bought a couple extras in case that happened.

Party balloon diy artfuldays

For the top of each banner, I tied two balloons together — 1 larger and 1 medium sized. This is only necessary for the top section of each garland.

Balloon garland tutorial steps

Now we get to use that handy dandy deco balloon strip! I rolled out and cut two 10 foot long strips, one for each garland. Some of the holes weren’t completely punched out, so I did that real quick over the trash can so they wouldn’t get all over the floor.

Start by inserting the tied balloons near one end of your deco strip. Leave two holes empty on the same end so you can hang it with fishing line later. This side will be the top of your garland. Continue attaching 1 balloon in at a time down the strip, alternating random larger sizes. I set aside a lot of the smaller balloons so I could glue them in last as fillers.

These strips are really neat because the holes are great for keeping your balloons in place. Poke each balloon through the wide end of the hole first, then slide it over to the smaller side to fasten them so they can’t easily fall off of your deco strip. See below!

Artfuldays balloon garland how to

As you get about 2/3 or halfway down, add in your giant 36″ balloon to give it some extra depth.

Once your 10 foot long deco strip is full of balloons, you can start hanging it where you want before filling in your garland with the small balloons. String a bit of fishing line through the end of your strip lengthy enough to give it some wiggle room — about 4-6 inches. Command strips work great for hanging your garland. I used them to hang my second one, but I just used a curtain rod for the top of this first one.

Balloon garland diy artfuldays

Next, use command hooks to shape your garland along your wall. I used 2, one near the middle and another at the base. Attach them tightly to the wall, and loop your garland over the hook like shown here.

After it’s in place, use your low heat glue gun to hide any gaps with the smaller balloons.

Diy balloon garland steps artfuldays

One garland down, one to go! Ahh, I love it so much.

Artfuldays diy balloon garland bt21

A little close up and a sneak peak of some BT21/BTS party decor. I can’t wait to share more!

Bt21 bts party balloon garland

I wanted to keep my balloons off the floor, so attaching the Command hook to the other wall was the best way to achieve that draped look.

Artfuldays balloon garland diy

The giant balloons really add to the garlands. I love the fullness it gives them!

Eeee, and I’m digging this color palette a lot. Aren’t these colors so fun together?

Balloon garland diy artfuldays party

Here’s my finished second garland! I really wanted to use the giant pink balloon I bought, but unfortunately it had a hole in it. Bummer! I like the white one too, it still looks pretty awesome.

Party balloons garland artfuldays

That’s all there is to it, you guys. Reeeally simple steps to creating these flowing balloon garlands!

Diy artfuldays party balloon garland

I’ve got a lot more BT21 party decor to share here on the blog, so definitely come back to see!

Happy crafting!!

Bt21 party balloon garland artfuldays

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