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Diy cupcake cacti toppers

Cacti Pipe Cleaner Cupcake Toppers

Your cupcakes will look sharp with these “on point” cacti toppers. Haha — see what I did there? You only need four items to create this DIY in just a few simple steps. Read along and I’ll show you exactly how!

I’m a succa for all of these prickly cuties. I had a hard time picking my favorite. Each color in the pack of neon pipe cleaners I purchased are absolutely perfect for making a variety of cacti plants and blooms. And they’re super easy to work with for bending the shapes you want.
Diy cacti pipe cleaner toppers
Diy cactus cupcake topper

What you’ll need:

Pipe cleaner diy cactus materialsMost of the designs I made are self explanatory. For the most difficult one, I laid out a step-by-step collage below: Diy cactus topper steps1. Bend your stem to make six points.

2. Twist the ends together on the bottom to create your shape. With the longer remaining end, twist and secure it around the first point.

3. Take a second piece of pipe cleaner and tighten one end around the second point.

4. Wrap the other end around the bottom middle section, then back up to the third point. Cut it and twist it to secure.

5. Repeat step 3 for the fourth point of your shape.

6. And now repeat step 4, twist and secure the stem around the last point of your cactus.

7. Using the pink or orange pipe cleaner, cut about an inch long piece to create the flower bloom. Wrap it a few times around itself until it’s tight.

8. Your simply adorable cactus is complete!Cacti diy cupcake toppersTo finish them, hot glue a toothpick to the backs of each cacti. That’s all there is to it! Cacti cupcake toppers diy Diy pipe cleaner cacti cake toppersCreate as little or as much as you need to decorate your tasty treats. A cluster of these would make an awesome cake topper as well, right?! They’re so vibrant and fun, your guests will totally love them.Pipe cleaner cactus toppers Diy cactus cupcake toppers Diy cacti toppers pipe cleanerIf you’re digging the cactus + succulent trend, this is the craft for you. They are sure to brighten any fiesta, baby shower, birthday party, or wedding bash. The celebrations are endless when there’s cacti involved.Cactus cupcake toppers diyThanks for reading along. If you make some of your own, I’d love to see them. Feel free to tag me on Instagram and other social media — @artfuldays + #artfuldays

Go and get your craft on!
Cacti pipe cleaner cake toppers
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