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Floral watering can

CRICUT: Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

In the midst of our busy everyday lives, it’s easy to be a procrastinator. Mother’s Day is approaching and I wanted to share with you all a quick and easy gift idea! I’ve had this watering can sitting around my garage for a couple of years now, not sure what to really do with it until now. Restoring it for a lovely bouquet of flowers seemed like the perfect solution! It needed more than just a coat of paint, so I created a little vinyl decal with a sweet message using my Cricut Explore Air. Read how!

Watering can diy

The first thing I did was clean the watering can really well, got rid of the cobwebs inside (gross) and made sure there wasn’t any dirt in the crevasses. Spray a good even coat of primer on before your top coat, this helps the paint last much longer and gives you a smoother finish.

Diy watering can vase

Once it’s completely dry, spray on your color of choice, maybe two coats and we’re ready for our decal!

Gold watering can

For this step, here’s what you’ll need

I wanted a pretty handwritten style font and found one from called Magnolia Sky. You guys, it’s free; go download this one, it’s beautiful! I inserted my text into Cricut Design Space and let my machine do the magic. I love how precise it cuts, even for the smallest details.

Pour love cricut vinyl

Once it’s done printing, grab your weeder tool and start separating the vinyl from the backing. Pull slowly at a 45 degree angle so you don’t tear your design.

Cricut vinyl project

Weed the pieces left behind in the centers of the letters, then we can apply the transfer tape.

Cricut explore air diy Cricut vinyl decal quotes

Cut your transfer tape to the size you need and remove the backing paper from the vinyl. Gently place the sticky side over your decal starting in the middle and working your way out, smoothing any air pockets or creases with your spatula.

Cricut air vinyl project ideas

I cut each word individually so I could play with the placement and have a little more flexibility.

Cricut air vinyl ideas

Place your decal where you want it and smooth out the surface.

Mothers day gift cricut explore Cricut explore air diy craft

Pull the transfer sheets off (again, gently at a 45 degree angle) and then you’re finished!

Cricut mothers day gift idea

Complete the look with your moms favorite flowers, and this stylish watering can makes for a great last minute gift! Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing women out there!

Watering can idea Floral gift ideas garden

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