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Dragon Fruit Painted Terra Cotta Pot - Artful Days
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Dragon fruit planter

Dragon Fruit Painted Terra Cotta Pot

Since I discovered what a dragon fruit is, I was immediately smitten by all the PINK! It’s seriously the prettiest fruit I’ve ever seen so I wanted to bring one to life in a fun way! I’ve had a bit of an obsession with plants lately and they’re slowly starting to overtake my back patio. I’m pretty sure my hubby will be banning me from shopping soon because I keep bringing them home with me! With all of my new plant babies, I need more and more planting pots and one of mine is getting a makeover!

Terra cotta diy

What you need to prettify your pots:

  • Terra Cotta Pot
  • Foam Brushes
  • Paint Pens
  • Acrylic Paints

My little pot has been collecting some dust in my garage so I hand washed it really well. Once it’s completely dry, we’re ready to get creative! I started with my white acrylic, painting just on the top rim of my pot to resemble the inside of the fruit. After the first coat dried, I went back over it twice to get a nice and thick stark white coat. Acrylics really don’t take long to dry so you won’t have to wait around all day to apply multiple coats. And you have a smooth finish when you’re done.

Planter diy crafts

Next, bring on the pink! Same steps here as before, apply your first coat, let it dry, apply more as necessary until you’ve got an even coating all the way around. It’s already WAY cuter, right?! And of course, I had to paint my nails to match!

Painted diy planter

When your base colors are done, now we can draw with our paint pens. Originally, I was going for a simple design so I just layered the yellow and green in a “v” shape for the leaves. After looking at it though, I decided to fill them in and I think it made a huge difference. It’s hard to make a mistake here, these paint pens can do wonders and accidents can easily be covered up!

Terra cotta paint pen

Using a black paint pen, draw the seeds all the way around the rim of the pot. Not gonna lie, my hand cramped a little doing this part! Totally worth it though.

Terra cotta paint craft

To finish off this project, I painted the very top rim pink to look more like a dragon fruit when it’s cut into. Isn’t it darling?? And easy peasy.

Terra cotta dragon fruit

My new Dracaena is so happy in its fun and colorful new pot! I’m slowly learning more and more about taking care of my green babies. I’ve always had such the black thumb and I can’t wait to get more. #ineedalltheplants — Thanks so much for reading along, I hope you’re inspired to paint one of your own!

Dragon fruit plant hanger Painted terra cotta diy



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