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Fabric Bunting Sewing Tutorial

Buntings are such fun and cheerful decorations for parties, holidays, nurseries, or however you wish to display them. I made this fabric banner for my daughter’s 1st birthday party. This project is simple and super inexpensive to make! Her theme was “You are my Sunshine”, so I chose some bright and sunny patterns for my pennants.  I purchased the bias tape at Walmart for under $2. Other than that, you may have to buy the assorted fabrics, or you might already have some scraps laying around. You don’t need a lot of it for this tutorial. Sizes will vary, depending on how big you want your flags (see my little template below). With basic sewing skills, you too can make one of these adorable buntings for any special occasion! Here’s how I did it:

Fabric bunting diy tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Pins
  • Template
  • Assorted Fabrics
  • Fabric for Backing
  • Double Folded Bias Tape
  • Pencil
  • Iron and Ironing Board (If you have some wrinkly fabrics.)

Here are the sizes of fabric scraps that I used for my pennants, fronts and backs. With your patterned fabric (if cut like mine), you can get at least 4 flags per scrap, and 20 with the larger piece. Each bunting will have 10 flags so you can actually make 2 buntings with the sizes I’ve shown.

Fabric bunting banner

First, you want to iron your fabrics if they have any wrinkles. Your bunting will look much more crisp when it’s all done. Next, you’ll want to use your pencil and trace your template onto your fabrics. I used cardboard to make my template but anything you have on hand will work too, cardstock, cereal box, etc. Be sure you’re tracing on the back of your fabric so you don’t see any pencil marks on the front of your flags.

Pennant banner diyDiy fabric bunting

When you’re ready to cut out your flags, cut about a 1/4 inch outside the pencil line as you’ll need to use this line for a guide when sewing the pennants together. Pin the front and back pieces right side together and you’re ready to sew along the longest edges, leaving the top open. Afterwards, you may need to cut some access fabric at the tips to eliminate any extra bunching. Turn all your flags right side out. Grab your pencil and gently use it to poke out the points.

Diy pennant bannerPennant flags

Next, you’ll pin your flags to your bias tape. I left about 12 inches of tape on each end of the banner for tying. Each flag is spaced an inch apart. Unfold the bias tape and slip your flags up against the inside of the fold and pin them all in place. We’re ready to sew again! Top stitch all the way down the tape from beginning to end.

Fabric bunting tutorial

All DONE! So cute, huh?

Pennant banner fabric buntingOliviaFabric bunting

A simple project that is completely customizable to your liking. As long as you can sew a “semi”-straight line, you’re in business. Thanks for crafting along with me! Xoxo

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