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Gnome after

Before & After : Garden Gnome Makeover

I just adore my garden gnome! I snagged him up at our local At Home store a few summers ago. Isn’t he just the cutest with his hands behind his back? I had to name him David. If you’ve ever watched David the Gnome as a kid on the Nickelodeon channel, you get me… haha. Since the front of our house faces east, this poor little guy tends to get sun bleached quite often. Perfect time for a makeover!

Gnome before diy

Before you start your project, be sure to lay down some sort of drop cloth or cardboard to help protect from any overspray. I still managed to get my grass a little, ha… oops. For smoother results, you’ll want to clean whatever you’re repainting. After a good wipe down, it’s ready to spray! Don’t forget to read the instructions for your spray paint and drying times beforehand. I really wanted to go with a clean and sleek look for my little guy. I had white Valspar Premium Primer on hand already and it’s good for exterior use. Score! If you choose to go with another color, you’ll want to use a primer first. It helps your top coat go on evenly and you won’t need multiple coats of paint.

Diy primer makeover

To paint his hat, I found it easiest to use an old t-shirt to cover up the body. Using painter’s or masking tape, secure the shirt to the edge of his hat. Gold was the perfect color to class him up a bit! Valspar Premium Enamel in Metallic did the trick, and it’s also good for exterior use. You can use a sealer afterwards if you want. I chose not to because it really didn’t make that much of a difference the last time I used it. This Texas sun is just too hot and he faded anyway. Once the paint is completely dry, remove the t-shirt and you’re done!

Gnome makeoverGnome makeover diy

Doesn’t he look super snazzy? I love how he turned out, even though it was such a simple project. I think David will sit pretty proud in my flower bed.

Gnome detailsDiy gnome

With a can or two of spray paint, you can jazz up pretty much anything. Happy spraying!

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