Hope outdoor gallery

HOPE Outdoor Gallery in Austin, TX

I’m super excited to post about visiting the Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin! I’ve been wanting to see this ever-changing graffiti park for a while now, and I finally got the chance last weekend. You guys… it’s amaaazing! There are so many vibrant colors everywhere you look. Even the leaves and cacti were graffitied! It’s so cool to see layers upon layers of art overlapping each other from multiple artists. It rained the weekend we were there, which made the colors really pop but also made a good amount of mud puddles that we had to maneuver around like ninjas. With a 4 year old atop my hubby’s shoulders, we weren’t able to see the upper levels. Bummer, but maybe next time! We oohed and aahed in every direction. If you’re planning a trip to Austin soon, this place is a definite must see!

Hope outdoor gallery austin

While we were driving up to the park’s current location (I hear they’ll be moving in the future), we pulled up to the stop sign on W 10th and Baylor St., which seemed the be the steepest street ever, then turned right and it’s immediately on the left. First impression; SO much color + love at first site = total happiness. The art here is incredible and these colors were seriously poppin’. It’s almost impossible to see every single detail in person. While editing my photos, I saw so many more designs that I missed. There are just endless things to see and I feel like we only got to scratch the surface from missing out on the upper walls.

Hope outdoor gallery graffiti Hope outdoor gallery art Hope outdoor gallery walls Hope outdoor gallery austin texas

Check out those leaves! I love this shot, it’s so much fun.

And how cool is this wall?! One of my favorites.

Hope outdoor gallery graffiti art Hope outdoor gallery artists

I thought this was so neat, “LOVE” protruding from the wall! Perfect prop, I had to take advantage.

Hope outdoor gallery art love Hope outdoor gallery love

These here were half walls near the street. As you can see, even the trash cans got some graffiti love! Please do not mind my nappy hair… I was embracing the messiness because, you know, rain. 😉

Hope outdoor gallery wall Austin hope outdoor gallery Graffiti hope outdoor gallery Hope outdoor gallery cans

This was my favorite corner, I spotted this piece of work almost immediately. I couldn’t wait to go stand next to it, LOL.

Hope outdoor gallery artsy Hope outdoor gallery texas

Here’s an overview of the entrance. Really digging the picnic table.

Hope outdoor gallery park Hope outdoor gallery austin tx

Isn’t this fairy so lovely? I had to stand next to her and get my photo snapped.

Hope outdoor gallery fairy Hope outdoor gallery fairy art Hope outdoor gallery graffiti park

And some artists at work. I had such a rad time visiting the outdoor gallery, I can’t wait to go back. I only wish the trash was picked up because there was a lot of it. And I guess the spray paint cans get thrown to the side when they run out. I love that anyone can come and create art though. We even saw a little family with their kiddos loaded with spray paint and they all painted together. So cool. Thanks for reading along, you guys! And a huge thanks to my hubby for snapping countless photos of me in the rain!

Hope outdoor gallery austin graffit park

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