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Kitten door hanger diy

Kitty Cat Door Hanger Party Decor

Hey, readers! I feel like I’ve been talking about this for weeks now, but I’m finally getting around to posting some party decor from Olivia’s 5th birthday. Her “Are You Kitten Me” theme was such a fun one¬†to plan! Definitely one of my favorites thus far. We’re cat people in this household, and Livi has followed in our footsteps when it comes to¬†her love for kitties. I was so excited when she told me she wanted a cat party! For this DIY, I’m going to be sharing how I created the door hanger for our entry. Once¬†a theme is decided, I always start with a specific color palette to help me better¬†plan the details. For this one, I chose light pink, white, grey, tabby orange and browns.¬†

My inspiration came from Pinterest after I came across some kitty cookies made by Natsuki. Aren’t they adorable?? I loved them so much, that I found a local baker to recreate these¬†royal icing tasty treats. Custom Cookies by¬†Leslie¬†did such a great job. I’m so glad I found her for all of our future parties. And I love that she created one to look like her own kitty, the orange tabby one in the middle with the hair fluff design. These totally made my day when I went to pick them up!¬†
Are you kitten me cookie favors
I pretty much based all my decor on these little kittens¬†and everything came out so darn cuuute. ¬†While I was deep into crafting, I forgot to take a few pictures of this process along the way, so I’ll explain everything¬†as best as I can.

Materials I used:

  • Foam¬†Board
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Cardstock Paper in Various Colors
  • Knitting Yarn
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie

I started by drawing my cat shapes and “5” on the foam board, then cutting them out using my X-Acto knife. I decorated them before actually taking pictures, so here’s how the¬†shapes looked when I was finished. Not perfect by any means, but that’s okay because you won’t even be able to tell when we’re done.¬†Cat diy door hangerFor the next step, you’ll need your cardstock paper,¬†and the other items pictured below.¬†First, you’ll use your base colors for the kitties faces¬†and trace the foam board onto your cardstock. I used stark white for the calico kitty and beige for the siamese. Do this twice for each color because you’ll want to glue them on the front and the back for a completed look. Trace them so¬†the paper will overlap the edge of the foam board a bit. As you can see from above, it’s almost impossible to cut the boards perfectly and there are a lot of jagged edges to hide. Cut them out and glue them on your foam board with Elmer’s. If you free-handed the cat shapes, chances are, it¬†will not be exact on both sides. Keep this in mind when you’re tracing them onto your cardstock. You’ll want to trace them backwards so when you glue on your paper, you won’t see all of the pencil marks on the front. I hope that makes sense! It gives it a much cleaner look.Cat diy decor materialsAfter you’re done with the base colors, trace the cardstock colors around the ears (backwards like the previous step). You’ll have to free-hand the curves on the inside of faces, as I did with the grey, orange, and dark brown. Glue those in place, then draw the shape for the siamese’s nose, and the inside of the ears for both. Glue all of the shapes onto your kitty faces. Using your Sharpie, draw their eyes, nose, and whiskers, and you’re done! Aren’t they adorable??¬†Diy kitten cat faces decorFor the 5 (or whichever number you’ll be using), we’re going to wrap in yarn. This was a bit tricky around the corners, but your glue gun will come in handy then. I started at the top right corner by hot gluing the yarn up and down along the very edge of the foam board so there was no white showing. Then continue wrapping the yarn around the top of the number while working your way down. To make this part a little easier, have a bunch of your yarn already unraveled so it doesn’t get tangled in the process. Keep wrapping your foam over an over to cover all of the white underneath. Once I got it completely covered, I overlapped a few random spots on my way back up the shape to make it look a little messy like a cat yarn ball. Glue the end down tight in the back so it doesn’t unravel.¬†Cat yarn diy decorAfter it’s finished, cut a small piece of yarn to loop around the top and glue down so you’re able to hang it. And lastly, stack and glue the kitten faces together¬†and voil√†! Your door hanger is ready to hang. I love that it sets the theme for the party as our guests come in.¬†Cat birthday decor diyLoving the colors against our turquoise door. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this color. I still get compliments on it from strangers, and when we have food delivered, haha. It always makes my day. I recently painted our patio door to match. Pictures coming soon¬†when I can post a little tour of the outside. Click here for another door hanger that I created last year for Livi’s¬†“Let’s Be Mermaids” birthday theme. A fun idea using tulle and starfish!¬†Are you kitten me door hanger decorAlso, stay tuned for an¬†upcoming DIY on how I made these fun little kitty yarn balls. And of course, I’ll be sharing all of her “Are You Kitten Me” party details so be on the lookout for that as well. As always, thanks for reading along and I hope you all are having a pawsome¬†week! =^_^=Diy cat party decor door hanger

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  1. Sophie Sierra

    Utterly obsessed with all the kitty cuteness going on! I’m crushing so hard on it all ūüėÄ The “Are You Kitten Me” is such an adorable theme and I love how Livi has followed in your footsteps in becoming a cat lover too ūüôā The kitty cookies are seriously gorge, I’m all heart-eyed over them for sure. I love how you were inspired by them! The cat door hanger turned out seriously dreamy and divine and it looks perfect against your stunning turquoise door. So much love! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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