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Hi, readers! I recently got Livi’s birthday photos and I’m so excited to show you all her party decor! My little mini and I have a deep love for mermaids.. My obsession started very young with “The Little Mermaid” (obviously), which naturally rubbed off on Livi as a little babe. She really wanted to be Ariel for Halloween last year and shortly after, requested numerous times for a mermaid party. Of course I was thrilled, so I was all about it! Since I didn’t want to limit myself to planning around a “character themed” party, I chose “classic mermaid” instead. I painted a piece for my daughter’s room when I redecorated it two years ago, and that’s where I gathered my inspiration from.  Here’s how I planned this little mermaid shindig! 

Mermaid party welcome sign Beach party sign

Let’s be mermaids! This beachy entry sign was super easy to make. With Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Florence that I had leftover (same as my front door!), I painted a coat over two small pallet boards. I chose white pencil starfish as my seashell decor. Mostly because they’re Livi’s favorite but also because I think they’re the most elegant. I hand wrote “let’s be mermaids” with a white paint pen and screwed a stake to the back of the pallets. I love how simple but lovely and vibrant it is!

Birthday entry door ideas Party door decor

I made the “4” door hanger out of poster board and tulle. Click here for a quick DIY tutorial!

P A R T Y   D E T A I L S:

As each birthday comes around, I’ve pretty much done my entry table the same, just different themed decor. We did a fun photo shoot in a beautiful greenbelt behind our house and had an 8×10 framed. I was planning on making her party invitations again, but I came across these on Etsy and they were perfect as is with her party colors. Win! One less thing for me (and my hubby) to do, ha! Every year, I buy sugar cookies for our party favors and I found some gorgeous starfish cookies that are to die for! Another awesome Etsy purchase. So dang good! I was able to get them customized with pink, teal, and gold. They were adorable!

Party decor entry ideas Mermaid birthday tassels favors Starfish mermaid cookie party favors Mermaid beach entry ideas

I made the tassel garlands with tissue paper and twine. A little time consuming (and some hand cramping happened) but I had a vision and stuck to it! I think the starfish make them look so pretty. Click here for a full tutorial on how I made these from start to finish!

Mermaid beach tassel garland Beach party garland

T R E A T S   &   E A T S:

For our menu this year, I really wanted some beachy-like foods. I found a tasty chicken salad recipe that I used for Livi’s 1st birthday that I love so much, I craved it again. It calls for pineapple too, which was fitting with our theme. Also, my mom makes a killer tuna sandwich! Perfect for our second croissant option. She was a huge help to me preparing all of this food, btw! Parties can be a little overwhelming but she made it way less stressful. Thank you, mom! ♥ If you’re a fan of fruit pizza, you seriously need to try these tiny fruit cups! They’re so quick and easy to make with cream cheese and marshmallow creme for the yummy goodness filling, then topped with strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries. Delish! Check out the recipes I used below:

I made Livi’s cake with Duncan Hines Pink Velvet cake mix (her request, who doesn’t want pink cake??) with a homemade french vanilla buttercream frosting. I mixed a little Teal Wilton Icing Color until I was happy with the shade. I decided to do a naked cake this year because frosting can be so sweet, it was nice to tone that back a bit. I really wanted brown sugar for that sandy texture around the bottom of her cake, but I was completely out of it. Organic cane sugar did the trick! It’s a little beige already and actually looked more like real sand! I think it came out super cute.

Mermaid party decor foodMermaid party naked birthday cakeMermaid party naked cakeFruit cookie cups party food

My one element from “The Little Mermaid” that the birthday girl has to have is a dinglehopper — and a candelabra to display her “stuff”. Isn’t it neat?? 😉 I ordered this one from Amazon and spray painted it gold to match. With my hot glue gun, I secured the utensils and DONE. We currently have this displayed in Livi’s room, she loves it too much to take down!

Little mermaid dinglehopper party ideasMermaid dinglehopper birthday partyTeal pink rock candy party treatsMermaid party veggie foodBeach party food croissantsChicken salad croissants party foodMermaid birthday party spread

I searched and searched locally for a “#4” gold metallic balloon to no avail, so I ended up purchasing one from Amazon. Not a bad price for the size! Livi had a ton of fun running and dancing around with it outside after the party. It was definitely worth the extra few bucks to see how much excitement she had for this huuuge balloon!

Beach naked cakeBeach theme naked cake

We always use our fireplace hearth for Livi’s presents and I wanted to dress up the mantel a little. I had a few tassels leftover from my garlands and tied three together about 6 inches apart to give a draping effect. With the starfish and a bit of hot glue and twine, this dainty banner is complete. I love the turquoise LED strand in the back, a $3 find at the Target Dollar Spot!

Tassel garland mermaid themeBeach starfish tassel bannerMermaid theme birthday girl

Our sweet birthday girl! She had the best day and we made some incredible memories this year. Ones we’ll never forget! We’re so thankful to have such amazing family and friends to celebrate Olivia another year. You know it’s a good party when the cookie favor tray is empty! This one’s mine though, lol.

Thanks for reading, lovies.. hope you enjoyed it!

Party cookie favors starfishBeach party door hanger

Special thanks to my dear friend Amanda for her photography skills, check her out on Facebook!

I created a little video of Livi’s special day to capture all of the fun memories. Click the arrow to check it out!


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