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I’m excited to finally share how my husband and I refurbished Livi’s armoire for her nursery! This was a project we did about 5 years ago while I was pregnant with her. My mom gave us an armoire that she no longer had room for; after baby dreaming, window shopping, and Pinterest browsing, I was happy to take it off her hands for a fun DIY redo! I’ve never refurbished anything this big before so I was a little nervous about it, but Chris was a HUGE help. Of course while being pregnant, he did most of the work sanding and prepping it for me. So here’s a little walk through of the before & after!

The summer during my pregnancy, I visited my mom one weekend to enjoy some mother-daughter time together. While window shopping at an adorably sweet local baby boutique, I came across this gorgeous piece that I immediately fell in love with. After she gave us her armoire, I was thrilled to create my own rendition. This is what inspired me. Isn’t it lovely??

Armoire inspiration

So here’s what we started with — it was originally painted this dark maroonish purpley color. Chris sanded the entire thing down to remove as much of the old paint as possible. This was a messy job! Even after cleaning the garage, sweeping, breaking out the leaf blower, we still found pink dusty residue from this day many months later, haha. I didn’t really mind the pink, but it seriously got everywhere. We weren’t too concerned about it, but definitely use some old sheets or tarps to cover anything you don’t want getting dirty. Before refurbishing older furniture, test for any lead beforehand. Click here for more in depth instructions that I came across.

Armoire before

My plans for the piece was to replace the backing with new [& HOT PINK] bead board, then paint the outside this light green color by Dunn Edwards: Light Pine (DE5535). I replaced the knobs with these classic glass ones., which I looove.

Diy materials redo

This is it completed! My mom had glass panels before but I chose to use wire mesh screen. I measured the inside of each door panel and cut 4 pieces with my wire cutters. Then I stapled each one in place with an industrial sized stapler. I had to use the shorter staples because the longer ones went through my door panel the first attempt. Oops… fail! No biggie, I was able to patch the tiny holes with paint and it’s barely even noticeable.

Armoire redo ideas

And the inside; I painted each of the shelves to match the bead board in the back. The shadowing here makes my paint job look totally uneven but I promise it’s not, lol! I would have loved to hook up a small chandelier in here like the one I saw, but I wanted Livi’s armoire to be used as storage for toys and what not, so I chose the extra shelf space instead.

Diy armoire refurbish

The lining in the drawers are one of my favorite details. I used black damask wrapping paper cut to size and covered it with Mod Podge. Wrapping paper is so much more inexpensive than wallpaper and it turned out so cute!

Armoire details diy

B E F O R E  &  A F T E R

Armoire diy before and after

This was a beast of a piece to redo but my sweet hubby really pulled through on this one and helped me create what I envisioned in my head. After all these years, it’s still my favorite piece of furniture in her room. I love that it came from my mom, and that Chris and I lived through our first refurbish together while expecting our first baby, haha. It was worth the effort!

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