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Nautical banner garland

Mermaid Themed Tassel Garland

I know there are a lot of these tassel garland tutorials floating around the internet, but I added a little something extra to mine that I wanted to share. To go along with my daughter’s birthday mermaid theme, I trimmed my garland with white pencil starfish on each end and ta-da! These classic beachy accents are perfect for girl or boy parties with summery themes and the color combinations of tissue paper are endless. Get creative with seashells!

Diy tassel materials

Here’s what you need:

  • Tissue Paper with assorted colors of your choice
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • 2 Starfish for each end of garland

First, lay your tissue paper flat and smooth it out as best as you can. Fold the top down lengthwise where the open ends meet at the bottom and the folded side is at the top.

How to tassel banner

Then fold it widthwise bringing the sides together..

Diy tissue tassel

and fold it once more the same way.

Tassel garland tutorial

Carefully cut 1/2″ strips while leaving about 1 1/2″ at the top. This part can be a little tricky! Be sure to hold all of the tissue paper strongly in place along the folds so your cuts are straight, or you could accidentally cut off a few of them.. yup, I did this! Just flip the tissue paper back and forth as you’re cutting to check if it’s correctly aligned.

Diy tassel garland

When you’re finished, unfold the paper once and cut along the middle.

Tassel banner tutorial

Then unfold the other piece and cut down the middle again — you should have 4 total.

Tissue paper tassels

Lay each piece flat and roll the middle section.

Under the sea tassel Mermaid tassel

Then twist and hot glue it in place — repeat these steps for each tassel. This is a little time consuming if you have a lot of them, but totally worth the effort!

Seashell garland Starfish tassel garland diy

Since I used 4 separate colors, I ended up with 16 per garland. I absolutely love this color palette, look how pretty!

Diy tissue paper tassels

Next, string them all together. I spaced my tassels about 4″ apart and glued each one to the twine to keep them in place. To finish, hot glue the starfish on the ends of your garland overlapping the first and last tassel.

Diy tassel garland tutorial

That’s it! These are so lovely, Livi doesn’t want me to take them down! I think we’ll keep them up a little longer, we’re enjoying the bursts of colors around the house. Thanks for reading, I hope you’re inspired to create one of your own. Happy crafting!

Under the sea banner Seashell tassel garland

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