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Birthday decor door hanger

Mermaid Themed Birthday Door Hanger

Door hangers are one of my favorite party decorations because it’s the first thing your guests see. I feel like it kind of sets the tone for your theme. So, to go with Olivia’s Let’s Be Mermaids party, I made a tulle covered “4” embellished with white pencil starfish. This is such a quick project when you have a million other things on your party to-do list. Here’s how it’s done!

Diy beach mermaid theme

What you need:

  • Foam¬†Board
  • Pencil & Eraser if you’re free-handing it
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Ribbon
  • Tulle
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Starfish

Draw (or trace) your design on the poster board and then cut out your shape using an X-Acto knife. I free handed the 4 to resemble seaweed to go with our mermaid theme. Not too shabby!

Diy door hanger

Time¬†for the fun part! Wrap your tulle around and around and around and around… completely covering your design.¬†For a thicker and plushier look, be sure to cover any gaps where your poster board may be showing through the layers.

Diy mermaid party

To hide the end of the tulle in the back, I folded it over and glued a little white and pink paper seashell on top. I made these with my Cricut for our party food labels and had one to spare.

Diy mermaid party ideas

Next, glue your starfish on where you want them. My 4 year old took these two photos over my shoulder, ha! When your #instagramhusband isn’t there to take them for you… #instagramdaughter. She didn’t do too bad, actually!

Diy beach theme decor Starfish party decor

So pretty! And almost done, we gotta hang this thing!

Door hanger ideas

Hot glue your ribbon ends to the back, and your super cute and plushy door hanger is complete!

Birthday door hanger

That’s all! This is perfect with seashells too and for all kinds of beachy party themes. Thanks so much for reading!

Starfish diy ideas Beach theme party ideas

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