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Queen Button Tufted Headboard Tutorial

I have been waiting SO long to complete this DIY project, and it’s finally done! *happy dance* Seriously y’all.. I’ve had the materials in my guest closet for quite a few months now, minus the MDF board. Believe it or not, I never had the time to just go out and purchase one on the fly. My husband and I both work from home with an 8-5 schedule and a 4 year old. Life gets hectic and this DIY required some planning! I was also a little worried that it might not fit in our little Mazda 3, but I had a free weekend and it fit in the trunk with the seats down. YES! I’m excited to share all the details! All in all, the costs for this project was very reasonable. Compared to buying one brand new at around $400, this DIY saved me about $300. Not bad at all!

This is the before shot of my sad little guest bed with no headboard. I’m still really attached to my french poster (yep, the one from Friends!) so I’m not kicking it out, just moving it to the opposite wall. My Father-In-Law built the skinny black frame specifically for the print! I love it.

Guest bed decor before

And here is the after! It turned out exactly as I hoped it would. This project was fun and wasn’t incredibly difficult; hopefully I inspire you to create one of your own!

Queen button tufted headboard diy tutorial

So, here’s what you need:

  • MDF Board – my queen measured 60″ x 22″
  • Foam to fit your board – I used three of these
  • Quilt-Light Batting 72” x 90″ – got it here
  • Fabric of your choice – found mine on clearance!
  • Upholstery Needles – 6″-12″, your preference
  • Extra Strong Upholstery Thread
  • Cover Button Kit Size 45 – this & this = 13!
  • Scissors
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Staple Gun and extra staples
  • French Cleats – I bought 2 of these for extra hold
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Jigsaw (optional)

Diy tufted headboard materials

First things first, gotta cut that wood! I wanted mine to have the Belgrave corners, so I created a template and traced it with pencil. I also marked where I wanted my buttons to go, each spaced out about 5 1/2″ apart. My FIL was so sweet to come and help me with this next step since I was lacking a jigsaw. Carpentry is his profession after all and he’s always happy to help. He showed up with a new Black+Decker jigsaw and cut the rounded corners for me. He also drilled small holes where I had marked for my buttons. Afterwards, he told me that he actually purchased the saw for me! So sweet, he’s the best and so selfless. I’m so lucky to have him! Isn’t this the cutest jigsaw ever?? It’s perfect for the projects I have planned and he totally made my day.

Black decker jigsaw Jigsaw cut headboard

He did a fantastic job, I might add! Once you’re happy with the shape of your headboard, attach the foam with your spray adhesive. This Elmer’s brand held great with the regular-density foam I used.

Tufted queen headboard materials

After it’s dried, wrap your foam covered board with the quilt batting. I folded mine in half for a little extra plumpness. Secure it to the back with your staple gun, and cut any excess material away. Here’s a quick view of the back and the front:

Diy headboard tutorial

Making these buttons was a bit of a task for me, I’m not going to lie. The fabric I chose was pretty darn thick and it took a lot of my “man” strength to secure them together. My arms were sore for a couple of days actually. Pretty sure that means I’m incredibly out of shape. Phew.. but I completed them, and they held up for the most part. Some may have needed a tad of super glue just to ensure they stay in place but now they’re perfect!

Diy button kit

Next, we tuft the buttons! Aja wanted to help/distract.. probably because I had some “stringy thingy” and she couldn’t resist her kitty urges to attack it, haha. She’s always up in my business, silly cat! So for each button, I cut about a 4′ long piece of thread, folded it in half, looped it through my needle, then folded it in half again. Stick your needle straight through the pre-drilled hole from the back of the headboard to the front.

Diy tufted button tutorial

When your needles comes through the front of the fabric, it’s a little easier to push down a bit so it doesn’t stretch or pull your fabric. Be careful not to prick your finger!

Button tufted tutorial

Loop your button through the needle and thread, then string it back through to the back of your board. Finding the hole coming back through was kind of tricky; some went in right away but others I had to feel around for a little longer.

Tufted headboard diy

I saw quite a few methods for tightly securing the buttons and attaching the string to the back. I love my staple gun and have an abundant amount of staples (1/4″), so I gave it a go. Other methods may work better for you, so check some of those out. My hubby took this picture for me after one of the buttons was secured, to show where the first two staples go. I thought I might need his help tufting, but I was actually able to tackle this process on my own. However, it’s always nice to have an extra set of hands because this was also a workout! I sat in front of the headboard and pushed on the button as hard as I could with my right hand. While holding the thread from the back with my left hand, I pulled tight and held it in place. Staple two times to hold the thread, then stretch it to the opposite side, staple, pull to the opposite side again, staple, and repeat until you feel it’s secure enough. Hammer a few down if they feel too loose. Be sure not to hammer too hard though, you don’t want those buttons popping off. Nothing a little super glue can’t fix though! 😉

Diy queen headboard tutorials

When the tufting is complete, time to hang your new headboard! This particular french cleat holds up to 200lbs, and is 18″ wide. Since my headboard measured 60″ across, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere! I attached one on each side, 11″ apart. Install the second part to your wall and it’s ready to hang!

French cleat headboard hangerDiy french cleat install

I love the grey and gold together! Now my guests have a beautiful bed to relax in when they come stay with us. Yay!!

Queen button tufted fabric headboardGuest room headboard

I’m so so happy that this is finally done. I’ve been dreaming about it for almost a year now! On to the next project — I think this room needs a new coat of paint.. hmm, and maybe a wallpaper feature wall behind the new headboard?? Nothing crazy, I’m not a fan of overly busy patterns. What are some of your favorite wallpaper brands, shops, etc? I’m looking and would love some new places to check out!

Guest room decor

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