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How I Restyled Our Master Bedroom

When we first moved into our home a little over 10 years ago, I loved the Mediterranean/Spanish style which is what I had in mind when I decorated our master bedroom. Since then, my light golden walls were starting to feel heavy and gloomy. I wanted a new update that makes us enjoy spending time in our master. I brightened the room and added a cool accent wall behind our bed and love how it all turned out. Fresh paint, a few new accent pieces, and swapping out our TV stand really transformed this space in a big way while still keeping our original furniture and drapes! The cost was minimal and the transformation is huge!

I chose Sherwin Williams Peppercorn as our accent wall. It really makes my rattan accessories and lighter pieces stand out. I think it adds a bit of luxury to the room. I’m so smitten with this color!

I searched and searched for a mixture of throw pillows that would fit well with the new look I was going for. The lumbar pillow with dark gray tassels is part of the Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia collection from Target, and the blush pink velvet pillow by Fieldcrest® is also Target brand. The other lumbar pillow is from INK + IVY®. I love this embroidered design! It really pulls all the pillows together nicely.

I added new matching lamps from World Market and marble hexagon coasters (also from Target!) to each of our nightstands.

I’ve had these mirrors hanging above our nightstands for quite some time, but I still love how eclectic they are for each of our spaces.

You won’t see this pictured, but I’ve hidden multiple balls of trash in my drawer here that my cat is obsessed with! Rolled up pieces of paper is her favorite toy that she plays fetch with. Every evening, she stands right here at the edge of the table. She waits for me to open my nightstand so she can pick a few out and chase them around the house at all hours into the night. It’s a game she’s learned and it’s like clock work!

My husband has all the sunshine coming in on his side! As I’ve mentioned above, I kept our drapes and curtains because they still tie in with the new look. With the changes I made, I kept in mind what elements I could reuse to help save costs along the way.

I’m all about good balance and simplicity without a lot of clutter. I tried achieving just that when styling each sides of our bedroom.

I love water hyacinth baskets and found this perfect little cube tissue box at Their customer service is excellent, by the way. I highly recommend this company. They have so many beautiful products. I wish I could buy them all!

On the opposite sides of our room, I painted all three walls Pure White by Sherwin Williams. Nailing down the perfect shade of white is no easy task! I wanted something cooler as I was trying to pull away from the yellow tones. This color brightened the room immediately! I was probably way too excited seeing such a drastic change. Buh-bye yellow walls — hello coolness!

I spy a pretty little kitty perched in front of the window…

These candle wall sconces are also new, (another World Market find). Before, I had bulky marble Tuscany style globes that were heavy as heck. I was so glad to change them out with a more dainty look. I grabbed this pair of candle sticks that I had in a different room and styled them next to my Nike of Samothrace. She was a birthday gift from my husband  years ago and I still adore her!

Oh man, my husband and I were such babies here! I love showcasing our wedding photo. We’ve come a long way since making our vows and I love the reminder in our quiet little space.

This corner of our home is one of my favorite cozy spots. I bought this leather chair when I worked at Bassett Furniture just after we got married in 2006. It was one of the more expensive pieces we invested in together at the beginning of our marriage. Our first “grown-up” piece of furniture! It’s seriously the most comfortable chair we own.

A few other special items I have is this green and white ceramic bowl and wooden jewelry box. These both belonged to my parents when they were young so they mean a lot to me. And to hang my many necklaces, I purchased this three tier organizer. It was a lot bigger than I expected, but I love it.

I made these little pompoms for my hyacinth stacking baskets. You can find that DIY here in case you missed it!

Aja wanted to help show them off for you. Why such an intense stare though?

In between the windows, I’ve leaned our over-sized full length mirror against the wall. I absolutely love this thing! It is fantastic for getting ready at and checking my outfits. I get the full view from head to toe! This is one of my favorite pieces.

I found these sweet diamond wall planters in a matte dark gray, and accented them with faux succulents. You can find so many variants of succulents on Amazon and they’re really realistic. And come at a good price. Win, win!

And pan to the last wall of this master tour, our entertainment. I know it’s not a popular opinion to keep a TV in your bedroom, but I really enjoy having it in here. If I want to curl up and watch a Korean drama, or my favorite Disney vloggers on YouTube while I’m lounging or folding laundry, this is THE perfect space.

The biggest purchase I made doing this makeover is my mid century TV cabinet. I found it on Amazon after scowering the internet for a very specific look. I wanted white wood on the outside, but unique doors with a pop of natural wood. I spent almost a day building it myself after it was delivered, but it was worth the work! I needed the extra storage and it’s beautiful! SO much better than what we had before. We were still using a small TV credenza from our apartment years. It was so nice to finally upgrade!

And that completes this restyle! I’ve been admiring all of these changes since Spring, but I’m finally able to find the time to share all the details. It’s so fresh and feels cleaner with the new paint colors and small additions I’ve made. My husband loves it too, which makes me super happy!

Pretty sure Aja loves it also! Thanks so much for reading along. Until next time!!

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