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Artfuldays craft ombre napkin

Ombre Dyed Cloth Napkins

How is it March already?! I planned on posting this DIY much sooner, but I’ve been in mega party mode planning my daughter’s next birthday. I finally got a window of time to sit down and share this tutorial with you guys! If you caught my last tablescape post, you saw these ombre dyed cloth napkins that I used for my place settings. They’re so easy and fast to create. I’ll show you exactly how I made mine!

Here’s what you need for this project:

  • Rit Dye
  • Cotton Dinner Napkins
  • Wide Tupperware for soaking
  • Clip Hangers for drying (optional)

Ombre napkins artfuldays tutorial

This process is similar to how I did my rainbow wall hanging. As always, wear gloves and prepare your work space because dye is messy. Add your water and dye to your container per instructions on the Rit Dye label, or their website here.

First, make sure to wet the portion of the napkin you want to dye. This will allow the dye to fade more naturally.

My napkin was too wide to soak completely in my tupperware, so I laid half of my semi folded napkin in the dye for a few minutes. Then, I pulled an inch or two out as pictured here for a few more minutes to soak and give it that ombre effect. Since I was lacking the space and needed to get the colors even on each side, I gently held the napkin over my container and unfolded and folded it to the opposite side and repeated the first steps.

If you’re using a larger container to dye the whole napkin at once, you don’t have to worry about unfolding it to dye the back separately.

Once you’re happy with the ombre vibrancy, rinse the napkin until the water is clear. After that, soak the full napkin in a separate bowl of water for a couple of minutes. I did this process for each one until they were all soaking in the bowl together. I wanted a very faint pink on the top white portion, so soaking them a little longer achieved that look. I chose to throw them all in the dryer instead of hanging to dry. I needed them sooner!

Napkins dye artfuldays diy process

This is the finished look! Feel free to leave your ends soaking longer for a more drastic fade. Mine are just slightly ombred as you can see.

Dip dyed pink ombre napkin

I folded the napkin along the lines as it was packaged, and ironed it flat on each side so I get those crisp edges for my place settings. They’re done and ready for use!

Ombre napkin dyed place setting

So easy, right? It’s such a simple DIY for transforming plain white cotton napkins to pretty ombre ones. I would love try this project with different colors.

Ombre dyed napkin tutorial artfuldays

Green would look so cool for St. Patrick’s Day! What would be your go-to color?

Thanks for reading along, and happy DIYing, guys!!

Ombre napkins artfuldays diy

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