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How I Updated Our Master Bathroom!

Let me show you what I’ve been up to lately! In the last couple of months, I’ve transformed our master bathroom, yet again. I’m so dang excited to finally be able to share all the details after hours and hours (and hours) of labor — sorry hubby! I’m super proud of myself with this one. It started with sanding down all the texture from the walls and remudding alongside my dad, which took a few days to complete. I learned some new plumbing and electrical skills along the way as well, thanks to YouTube and my father-in-law showing me how to not electrocute myself, haha. I switched out all the door handles, faucets, hardware, and lighting with black and gold replacing the brushed nickel we had before. Check it all out below and see the HUGE difference it has made in our master bathroom! I love this space so much more now. It feels light and fresh!

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, you might remember these pics from before when I repainted our bathroom in 2016 a light gray. After 5 years and my style evolving, it was time for another update. Do you remember my textured glaze faux finished walls before 2016? We got rid of all of that texture, and now these walls are totally smooth!

My dad and I sanded and mudded every square inch of these walls. This got extremely messy, or course! Even with taping off the room, dust still managed to find it’s way into our bedroom and left a light layer on literally everything. But, the time and mess was well worth the effort. I really enjoyed this extra one-on-one time with my dad. Getting to work with him on this project was the highlight of this makeover for me! Life gets too busy, so being able to hang with him more was very special to me. I’ll absolutely cherish it! Thank you so much, Dad for putting in the late hours of sanding and mud slinging with me! I appreciate you more than you know.

Here’s a glimpse of the prep work it took from start to finish.

And here’s the finished product!

Needless to say, a lot of work went into this bathroom going from textured light gray walls to flat stark white walls. I primed before painting with Pure White by Sherwin Williams. I’m really stoked that my ceilings match the walls! I skipped that step in my last makeover, but I’m jazzed it’s all uniform now. I used Pure White in our master bedroom earlier this year, so I’m happy to finally tie the two rooms together. All of the trim and doors got a fresh coat of paint too. Much needed!

I love the immediate difference that the black fixtures have made. Adding pops of pink and terra cotta really brightened this room up vs. the gray & brown accents I had before. I’m really digging that contrast between black and white.

One of my favorite details from this makeover are these gorgeous sconces! I couldn’t wait to swap out the boring builder grade light fixtures for these beauties. My father-in-law has been a big help to me lately when it comes to electricity. This time, I had him show me the steps to take so I could feel confident doing it myself! I loved being able to learn and spend that time with him. He’s a great teacher!

Gah, I just can’t stop staring at them! They’re so elegant and modern, but with a touch of farmhouse inspo. I love the lines and softness it adds to the room. These sconces are made by Linea Lighting.

Did you notice the BLACK shower?? I painted over the aluminum frame! I’ll go into specific detail on my next DIY post, but I. LOVE. THIS! It was the last project to completing this bathroom and getting rid of all the drabby silver.

I added these stainless steel golden towel hooks on the shower frame to hang mine and hubby’s bath towels rather than behind the bathroom door where they used to be.

And I added this single towel hook in place of the brushed nickel hook just to the right of the shower. Perfect for easily grabbing a fresh towel as you’re stepping out of the shower to dry off.

I love taking baths so I really wanted to find a small side table for this blank spot next to my closet. I snagged this one at Tuesday Morning for under $30 and it fits so well with the rest of my decor!

When I’m soaking in the tub, now I have a place for snacks, drinks, face masks, or whatever else I need close by. The basket weave top is my favorite. It’s so pretty!

Speaking of closets, here’s a close up of the new lever handles I swapped out. Dude, these are slick! The doors shut so much easier now. I don’t know how, but they made a massive difference in function. I’m slowly working on changing them throughout the entire house. I am a huge fan of this design!

My little tub nook looks quite different than before! It’s so cozy and warm and one of my favorite spots when I need some “me time”.

Can you tell that this light fixture isn’t wired? It’s not installed with electricity, and actually has a puck light blub inside that can be dimmed with a remote. I attached this fixture to the joist in the ceiling and tucked all the wires inside the top and screwed it all in tight. You would never know by looking at it! I got this curvy two-toned pendant here.

I removed the towel bar from this wall because I never actually used them. The towels I hung here before were for decorative purposes and usually got ruined and bleached over time from the sun. This floating shelf is a much better option. And I get to display my pretty things!

I ordered this amazing colorful print designed by EttaVee from Society 6. I have been a huge fan of Jessi’s for years and am so happy to have my own print now! Her artwork is so beautiful. This is the perfect piece to display here.

I couldn’t complete our garden tub without updating these fixtures as well! I installed the handle, drain cover, and stopper myself but I needed a plumber to come in and cut the faucet pipe so this beauty would fit on. My cousin sent me this faucet from Coburn’s and surprised me with it as a gift! Totally made my day, he is so awesome.

I purchased this macrame wall hanging last year from BohoMontreal on Etsy. It’s handmade and absolutely stunning.

Our double vanity got some mega updates too!

This is where YouTube came in really handy for me. I watched many tutorials to learn how to change out the sink faucets and drain stoppers myself. I found these 4 inch centerset deck mounted faucets on Amazon that fit perfectly over the previous set we had. The handles match the other fixtures throughout our bathroom.

I’ve got all of my facial products set out on top of the center of my vanity. Look at this little terra cotta face planter that holds my brushes! She’s my favorite. I found her on Mercari and scooped her up in my cart so fast.

Okay, so check out our new drain stoppers! You know those super annoying drain plugs with the lift rods? They always came loose and I could never get them back in where they functioned properly. This pop-up design is sweet! You just push it to plug and release it. Easy peasy!

I changed out the towel ring and toilet paper holder to match the towel hook. You can find those here. I bought a double set of this hand towel and wash cloth at Tuesday Morning when I purchased the little side table. I adore how it matches my plant holder on my shelf.

This Aziza printed chenille rug from Urban Outfitters was a purchase I made last year too. Love the colors in this space!

I’m so happy our master bath is complete! My husband is too, he was so patient with me during this process. I didn’t mean for it to take as long as it did. Finding the right pieces along the way and waiting for them to arrive, on top of having the time to install everything was a task in itself. But, it’s finally done. It’s beautiful, feels SO much bigger, and I love it!

And if you love those lunar moon phases hanging on the wall, click here to buy your own! I created this with our plasma cutter. It’s cold rolled steel with a powder coated finish available on our shop!

Thanks for reading and checking out my latest makeover!


  1. Oh my goodness, all the master bathroom BABETOWN sparkling goddess!!! You are one talented mega queen beautiful Jalee, I am OBSESSED with your magical makeover, all the heart and star eyes! 😀 You look like the ultimate valentine vibe in the first pic, I’m just head over heels for you love!!! All the hard work has totally paid off, I’m so impressed with your dedication and craft – you put your heart and soul into every you do and it totally shines doll! The space is pure colour and divinity, so much magic and elegance! Just to die for sweet friend ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Artful Days

      Oh goodness, my late reply!! Thank you so much, Sophie! Your words always make my days brighter! Thank you always for your continued support, it means so much. I’m so happy you love my makeover for our master bathroom. Every detail was worth all the time and effort spent!

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